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Simon and Emily look like a couple that has it all. Simon is a respected physician, one of Baltimore's "Top Docs," with a burgeoning private practice. His wife, Emily, shines professionally as a partner in a premier public relations firm. They have a beautiful house and a healthy daughter. But their marriage is scarred by old, hidden wounds. Even as Simon tends his patients' ills, and Emily spins away her clients' mistakes, they can't seem to do the same for themselves or their relationship.

Simon becomes convinced he's discovered a cure for chronic pain, a finding that could become the major medical breakthrough of our time. With reckless zeal and obsessive focus, he begins to recruit patients to test the therapy. As he yearns to prove he's a good doctor—and to make amends for a missed diagnosis years ago—he is oblivious to the pain he's causing at home. Emily, still struggling to move beyond the devastating loss she and Simon suffered fifteen years ago, comes to realize she hasn't felt anything for a long time-that is, until a lover from her past reappears and she's forced to examine her marriage anew.

Remedies explores the complicated nature of pain, in the nerves of the body and the longings of the heart. To what lengths would you go to avoid feeling pain? And would you believe in a cure?